Infertility Support Group

WHEN: The first Wednesday of each month from 7-9 PM

WHERE: We're located at the Florence Arts and Business Building, 140 Pine Street, Room 2B (basement level). There is plenty of free parking behind the building. 

WHO: We welcome anyone for whom conception is a struggle. Some of us have been trying for months, some for years. Some of us have sought out testing and treatment and some have not. Some of us have lots of experience with artificial reproductive technology, some have none. Some of us have a diagnosis and some do not. Some of us are exploring or pursuing adoption, some are not. Some of us have living children, some have lost pregnancies or babies and some have never conceived. You are welcome here.

WHAT: When conception is a struggle, it ripples through our daily lives. The conventional conception narrative of joy and excitement doesn't fit. We do not know if we will ever succeed. We cycle through hope and disappointment over and over. Our relationships with partners, friends and family members are impacted. We may not feel seen, heard or understood by people who are dear to us. We may feel alone and isolated. Even when speaking to friends who have struggled with conception, we can feel judged or criticized.

If you are struggling to conceive, please join other families in this safe, confidential space to exchange stories, share coping strategies and receive non-judgemental, advice-free support as you walk this path. There is no right or wrong way to feel or to be during this season of your life. We welcome you just as you are. You are not alone.

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Anna Westley found the season of infertility between the births of her son and daughter to be the darkest time in her life. In 2012, Anna took the MotherWoman training and, in collaboration with It Takes A Village, started a weekly support group for new mothers in rural Ashfield. She knows how powerful and healing it can be when people gather to share what's really going on for them in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental space. During her infertility years, Anna often wished there was a local infertility support group to attend. It is her dream come true to offer such a space to struggling families. She can be reached at