As a small organization with two part-time staff, we are often looking for community members to help us with the business of running a non-profit. If you are interested in helping with one of our events, writing thank you notes to generous donors, or simply tiding up after a meeting, we would love your help. We also invite knitters, sewers, potters, and other artisans to contact us regarding ways you can help us to supply bereaved families with meaningful gifts in their comfort bags. 

 Please email Sarah at development@emptyarmsbereavement.org to find something that fits your talents and schedule.

write for our blog! 

Empty Arms is always looking for contributions to our blog. We offer it as a community space to share your story and your baby. If you would like to share a photo, a poem, a story, we welcome it. Please email Sarah at development@emptyarmsbereavement.org for more information.