Empty Arms' Parenting After Loss Support 


 Currently, we are offering support groups for those who are parenting living children at the time of their loss or who have given birth to subsequent children after a loss and desire to be part of a community of like-minded parents. 

When/Where: Please check the Empty Arms calendar for updated information

Our support for parents who are balancing grief with parenting living children varies. Sometimes, parents just want to get together with their living children, and relax in a community of other parents who know how challenging it can be to negotiate the ups and downs of parenting while grieving a baby who has died. Those organized playgroups can be very therapeutic and normalizing for parents who have also experienced loss. On the other hand, sometimes parents of living children who have experienced loss need a quiet, safe place to process this experience in the company of others who have tried to manage intense grief while parenting another child. In those cases we organize meetings in a safe, adults-only environment and follow our general Empty Arms support group protocols. (Can you see this group as a living example of how we strive to meet each family where they're at, with whatever support they need? We hope so!)


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